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Whenever it comes to mastering a milestone, every parent faces that struggle between being encouraging and pushing too hard. There is no hard and fast rule for such situations which will depend on multiple factors, including how long you have been trying to accomplish the milestone and how sensitive your child is.

While some children respond very well to encouragement, even when it is frequent, others will retreat and regress if they feel under pressure.

That being said, we are very well-versed in toilet training encouragement and are pleased to provide - with this post – some key guidelines for how to help your child during the process.

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We’ve all been there. You’ve worked for days, weeks or months with your toddler on their behaviour only for the grandparents, nursery staff or fellow parents to swoop in and undermine your authority by changing the rules. It can be extremely frustrating when all of your hard work goes down the drain because others don’t respect your parenting style.

While other people will likely have your child’s best intentions at heart, that doesn’t mean the outcome is going to be all rosy. There’s a big difference, though, between others operating a slightly different style of authority to your own and actually undermining your methods.

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With dark, cold days that seem to stretch on forever, the end of January cannot come quickly enough! The weeks following a new year are often the time when the pressure on parents and families reaches breaking point, with divorce and separation rates at a peak.

To avoid becoming a statistic, the key is to be realistic. Even though it can feel impossible to fit any me-time or self-care into your packed schedule, the theme of mindfulness is one that remains prevalent in parenting forums. And it’s no wonder.

This technique is one that helps you to stay present, gain a renewed sense of calm and an ability to deal with stress more easily. For parents of toddlers, this is certainly worth considering! But we’re not going to advise you to take an hour out of your day to meditate as that is just not realistic. Read on for our top mindfulness and self-care tips that are do-able for even the most stressed-out parent…

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As clichéd as it might sound, we believe that January is the ideal time to create new beginnings. We like to take our time choosing our resolutions instead of rushing into making a whole host of promises to ourselves on January 1st only to find our willpower fade within a few short days.

To all parents of toddlers, we would like to suggest making potty training your new year’s resolution. This is a realistic and positive goal to work towards throughout the first few months of the spring.

While many parents choose to wait until the summer months to train, we believe it's best to master this milestone at the start of the year. That’s assuming your child is ready – if you’re not sure how to recognise the signs of readiness, click here to check out our blog post on the topic.

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There are many stages to the potty-training milestone and one of the most common questions that our clients ask is how to encourage their toddler to do a number two.

Many children will master going for a pee fairly quickly but struggle with the poo stage. Knowing when they need to pass a bowel movement represents a very different challenge. Children will often outright refuse to poo on the toilet and instead risk an accident or ask for a nappy which provides a sense of familiarity.

There are many reasons why your child may refuse to poo on the toilet. He or she may get bored sitting and waiting to complete their bowel movement. They are not used to sitting down to go for their poo or “letting it loose” – this sense of the unfamiliar is likely to cause nerves and mean your child backs off from the problem. They may even just feel lazy and not want to take off their clothes to use the loo, especially at this time of year when they are all bundled up.

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All the excitement of Christmas with house guests aplenty, long journeys to see relatives and no sense of routine can really disrupt the building of toddler milestones. Unfortunately, many parents see regression in their toddler’s potty training during and after the festive period as other demands take up the attention of both parent and child.

If you are seeing the signs of potty training regression, trust us when we say that you’re not the first person who has experienced this situation. Regression can take place in all sorts of situations – with a house move, new sibling or other major change – and it can sometimes happen for no reason at all. Toddlers are just people and everyone is entitled to take their eyes off the ball at some point.

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