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Any parent who has twins or two or more children very close in age will be more than familiar with the daily battles. Parenting is challenging enough without having to respond to two or more very different sets of needs and demands from your children.

When it comes to tackling the milestones, approaching the situation armed with knowledge is the best way to go. While there will always be an element of the unexpected, being even the slightest bit prepared will go a long way.

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Whether it’s a new sibling, a house move, divorce, loss of a relative or even something minor like changing bedrooms, change within our families is often a concept with which, toddlers struggle. The challenge for all parents is to help make the changes as comfortable as possible.

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We’re always looking to work with other inspirational figures in parenting circles that we believe are doing a great job. This month, we’re excited to announce collaborations with two very different parenting influencers both of whom are making the rocky road of parenting run that little bit smoother.

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In our Blogs we focus a lot on the subject of Transition. Consistency is so key to successful potty training that learning how to navigate change along the way is crucial. A successful nursery-to-school transition will not only help your child’s ongoing success in potty training and avoid the risk of regression, but also support their growing independence and confidence in other areas of life.

The transition from nursery to school is one of the biggest of your young child’s life. They may be excited, nervous or impatient (or all the above) about beginning their new school life.

Let’s not forget that this is an important stage for parents, too. You will probably feel both anxious and excited about this new stage. It’s important to do all you can to improve your own confidence and, in turn, support your child’s learning and development.

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Parenting is challenging enough but when you’re given the job of stepparent, there’s a whole new set of barriers to break down. In today’s post, we want to focus on the unique challenges of disciplining a toddler and how you can help your child to achieve milestones as a stepparent.

Children are very sensitive which means that introducing someone new to the equation may cause all types of emotional response. While toddlers will usually have a limited understanding about divorce, separation, death and remarriage, they will be sensitive to the shifting dynamic.

A stepfamily will naturally adopt different structures and foundations and your toddler might be fearful, oversensitive or act up. They may become overly clingy with their ‘original’ parent. Or they may be absolutely fine and just get on with it. Be prepared for all eventualities!

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Do you remember going on holiday before having children? Those were the days when packing was a breeze and the only real headache was negotiating lengthy queues at Airport Security. Those of us with kids – and especially kids of potty training age – will know that peaceful summer holidays are now a little harder to come by.

The potty training process is often a lengthy one but if you have a beach holiday slap bang in the middle of the learning curve, don’t panic! With a few nifty travel and parenting hacks as we’ve detailed below, you may just have that uninterrupted sunbathe on the sand that you’ve been dreaming of for months…

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