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Potty Training Girls

There are lots of differences between potty training boys and potty training girls. Girls historically tend to develop potty training skills earlier than boys.

With girls you will have to teach them to sit further back on the All-in-one adult and child potty training seat to limit spray. They should be shown to sit with their legs slightly more open as this will help them relax, this can be a little unnerving.

It is imperative your child has a fully secure and stable seat platform as it is a well known fact that if a seat or insert wobbles about, it may well put them off. Girls generally are more focussed and less distracted than boys. This ability to maintain focus can lead to them successfully Potty Training sooner than boys.

When it comes to having a poo, she will have to sit on the seat as far back as when having a wee. Once sitting, it can take time for her to relax and to go at first. This is a good time to use their nature of being able to concentrate by giving them a book or read them a story or play some music for them. After they have used the potty, it is very important that you teach them, when cleaning themselves, they must wipe from front to back.