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Parenting is challenging enough but when you’re given the job of stepparent, there’s a whole new set of barriers to break down. In today’s post, we want to focus on the unique challenges of disciplining a toddler and how you can help your child to achieve milestones as a stepparent.

Children are very sensitive which means that introducing someone new to the equation may cause all types of emotional response. While toddlers will usually have a limited understanding about divorce, separation, death and remarriage, they will be sensitive to the shifting dynamic.

A stepfamily will naturally adopt different structures and foundations and your toddler might be fearful, oversensitive or act up. They may become overly clingy with their ‘original’ parent. Or they may be absolutely fine and just get on with it. Be prepared for all eventualities!

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Do you remember going on holiday before having children? Those were the days when packing was a breeze and the only real headache was negotiating lengthy queues at Airport Security. Those of us with kids – and especially kids of potty training age – will know that peaceful summer holidays are now a little harder to come by.

The potty training process is often a lengthy one but if you have a beach holiday slap bang in the middle of the learning curve, don’t panic! With a few nifty travel and parenting hacks as we’ve detailed below, you may just have that uninterrupted sunbathe on the sand that you’ve been dreaming of for months…

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Potty Training is challenging enough and one of the primary issues that many parents struggle with is retaining a sense of continuity between using the toilet in different locations, e.g. home and nursery, home and preschool, home and grandma’s house. A previous Family Seat blog post explained how to maintain a sense of continuity, but today we are focused on a slightly more complex issue – selective withholding.

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While a lot of children will grasp the idea of being dry fairly quickly, the gap between learning daytime and night-time potty training is often a large one.

Staying dry throughout the night is an issue that many parents struggle with, often long after their child happily uses the toilet throughout their waking hours. In some cases, it may take even longer before your child fully learns how to stay dry at night.

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Summertime – it’s all picnics in the sunshine and lazy days in the pub garden until the day you become a parent. Unfortunately, summertime doesn’t bring a break in responsibility along with it. While we wouldn’t swap our little ones for the world, it certainly helps to be prepared for the expected and the unexpected at all times.

We’d like to zoom in here to focus on family festivals. Whether it’s Camp Bestival, Latitude, Green Man or The Big Feastival, there are plenty of family-friendly festivals around the UK to suit all tastes and ages. And just because you have kids of potty-training age doesn’t mean you need to miss out. Read on for our top tips on how to survive festival season and maintain potty training, too.

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Here at Family Seat, we are always pleased to offer help and advice when it comes to Potty Training. Through our Potty Training Guides we provide a tried and tested framework designed to help parents and children to Potty Train successfully.

Our help and advice always reinforces the need for a consistent approach to Potty Training, especially with regards to maintaining the process once you have started. It is never a good idea to slip back into nappies if things become difficult. If you do, starting the whole process again will be that much harder.

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