Potty Training Boys

As parents’ of boys and girls, the Family Seat team are happy to help as well as share our experience of potty training boys and girls and tell you about the surprising differences we came across. 

  • - As we are all aware there is a fundamental design difference between boys and girls. This must therefore lead to a different approach.
  • - Boys historically tend to develop this skill later than girls.

With boys you will have to teach and show them how to direct their pee downwards using their hand. 

They will need to master sitting on the Family Toilet Seat using only one hand to balance, as the other will need to be directing things downwards, they may find this a little unnerving.  It is imperative your child has a fully secure and stable seat platform as it is a well known fact that if a seat or insert wobbles about, it may well put them off.

It is well documented that boys are far more easily distracted than girls. This lack of focus can lead to them becoming unfocused at crucial times when potty training, adding to the time it takes to learn this skill. 

He may wish to pee standing up, having seen other boys or his dad do it this way, this is fine to try but you will need a step stool for him to do this. You will have to make sure he is facing the right way and that he is able to hold himself and direct the pee into the toilet. Throwing something into the pan like a couple of cornflakes for him to aim at will add an element of fun, as well as keep his attention.

When it comes to having a poo, he will have to sit on the Family Toilet Seat. It can take a little time for him to get use to the seat before he relaxes and feels at ease to go. This is a good time to use their nature of being easily distracted and either give them a book to look at or read a story or play some music for them to listen to while they are going to the toilet in the early stages.

Throughout you will have all the Potty Training Tools provided by Family Seat to help keep them focused and motivated.

Remember you must persevere and in time they will master potty Training.