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Family Seat are delighted to be supporting the children's communcation charity I CAN, with 50p from every All-in-one adult and child potty training seat purchased from Family Seat donated to the charity.

More than half of children in some parts of the UK start school without the language skills they need to become successful and happy learners. Language is the fundamental life skill - the building block for literacy and learning, the basic tool for building social relationships and moving through life. Children who struggle with speech and language often become deeply frustrated, leading them to become isolated and withdrawn. They are likely to find it difficult to engage at school or with their teachers and peers and are therefore likely to be bullied and in the long-term, likely to struggle achieving academically and maintaining relationships.

I CAN is the UK children's communication charity. I CAN persues a vision of the world where all children struggling with speech and language receive the help they need to fulfil their potential. I CAN's mission is to ensure that no child who struggles to communicate is left out or left behind.

Established in 1888, I CAN has been supporting vulnerable children for more than a century. During the Second World War, I CAN was the only organisation to evacuate children with disabilities from London. Since the 1950's, the charity has specialised in assisting children with speech, language and communication needs. Her Majesty The Queen has been the charity's patron for the entirety of her reign.

I CAN offers a free Enquiry service for parents and practitioners concerned about a child's speech, language or communication and for anyone wanting to know more about the typical developmental stages of speech and language. The charity runs two specialist schools for children with the most severe and complex speech, language and communication needs. They also train teachers and teaching assistants in mainstream settings to help identify and address children's communication difficulties. Our work with practitioners in mainstream schools help children make progress and enables their long-term academic and personal success.

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