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There are many stages to the potty-training milestone and one of the most common questions that our clients ask is how to encourage their toddler to do a number two.

Many children will master going for a pee fairly quickly but struggle with the poo stage. Knowing when they need to pass a bowel movement represents a very different challenge. Children will often outright refuse to poo on the toilet and instead risk an accident or ask for a nappy which provides a sense of familiarity.

There are many reasons why your child may refuse to poo on the toilet. He or she may get bored sitting and waiting to complete their bowel movement. They are not used to sitting down to go for their poo or “letting it loose” – this sense of the unfamiliar is likely to cause nerves and mean your child backs off from the problem. They may even just feel lazy and not want to take off their clothes to use the loo, especially at this time of year when they are all bundled up.

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All the excitement of Christmas with house guests aplenty, long journeys to see relatives and no sense of routine can really disrupt the building of toddler milestones. Unfortunately, many parents see regression in their toddler’s potty training during and after the festive period as other demands take up the attention of both parent and child.

If you are seeing the signs of potty training regression, trust us when we say that you’re not the first person who has experienced this situation. Regression can take place in all sorts of situations – with a house move, new sibling or other major change – and it can sometimes happen for no reason at all. Toddlers are just people and everyone is entitled to take their eyes off the ball at some point.

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With the festive period inevitably meaning lots more car journeys and travelling with little ones, it pays to be prepared for what lies ahead. Traffic jams, Sat-Navs, tired toddlers – it may sound like a recipe for disaster which is why there are a few simple things you can do to make it easier.

When it comes to travelling with a recently toilet trained child – the focus of today’s post – there are a few golden rules to follow above all else. Always take your child to the toilet just before you leave the house and keep liquids to a minimum for half an hour before the journey.

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Christmas is fast approaching and we’re sure that most parents are approaching it with a mix of anticipation, trepidation and excitement. It is, of course, a joyful time when the innocence of childhood reins free but it can also be exhausting.

The inevitable flurry of house guests and long journeys to see relatives, as well as the challenging of finding the perfect gifts for everyone, can be very disruptive.

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There is nothing quite like dealing with a toddler tantrum. Even the most challenging boardroom meeting or tightest deadline cannot compare to the frustration and stress associated with a screaming toddler who refuses to accept any form of consolation.

The good news is that this stage won’t last forever, and you are strong enough to deal with it. You just need to take a step back, give yourself a break and start afresh.

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There are some products that are theoretically designed for children but have clearly been made with parents in mind. In the spirit of togetherness and supporting our fellow parents, we’ve compiled our list of the top 10 products to buy that parent that seemingly has everything…. Because we could all do with a little extra help sometimes.

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