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Why should I use Family Seat?

Family Seat is a British company and the original creator of this style of potty training seat that can be used by all the family. As the seat can be used by young children, it is imperative that it is made to an impeccable standard, which is why all of our seat designs are the result of years of in depth research. Every Family Seat is made using high quality durable materials and every seat comes with a 10-year guarantee against any manufacturing defects. All of our products are extremely competitively priced.

Every Family Seat includes our range of Potty Training Tools to help both adult and child with the process. None of our competitors offer such assistance. These training tools have been designed with your child in mind and therefore aim to reduce the amount of time it takes to successfully achieve full potty training. So if you are potty training girls or potty training boys, you have all the help you need.

Is it easy to fit?

Yes – every Family Seat comes with easy to follow fitting instructions. All of our seats can be fitted with both top and bottom fixing options. Installation is standard and can be completed in just a few short minutes. Please see our fitting guide on the website or check out our fitting video.

How do I know which type of pan I have?

The two main fixing types of toilet pans are Top Fixing and Bottom Fixing.

A top-fixing pan is one where you cannot access the bolts from the underside and the fixing of the hinge is from the top.

A bottom-fixing pan means you can feel the bolts holding the toilet seat from the underside of the pan.

Using these guidelines, simply select which type of pan you have and follow the instructions supplied with your Family Seat. For your hygiene, we also supply a pair of disposible latex gloves for removing the old toilet seat.

What is the difference between a Talia and a Georgia Seat?

The Talia is the heavier soft close toilet seat tincorporating a slow close action on all three sections. The weight of this seat provides an especially strong and stable platform for your child. Feeling safe and stable is very important, as the movement and rockiness of insert and standalone type potties can hold back potty training, as they can make a child feel unsafe and they may resist their use.

The Georgia seat is lighter; however its durable Polypropylene material gives it a steady platform. The Georgia lid has child-sized finger accesses so that your child is able to pull down their seat when it is held in the lid.

When should I start using a Family Seat?

We recommend that children from 18 months old can start using the Family Seat. Ideally, the installation of the seat should take place a few weeks prior to your child starting potty training, so that it offers the child a sense of familiarity. Using the seat will then become copy behavior and less daunting.

How do I introduce my child to the Family Seat and potty training?

It is always best to talk to your child about potty training; they will naturally want to emulate others in using the potty as they do. Put up the potty training chart and door hanger in the bathroom with your child. Make it into a fun activity and show them how they are able to add ticks and gain rewards for their efforts. Gentle reminders and encouragement through recognition will help your child engage with potty training. For more advice, please see our Potty Training Guide.

Will the child seat get in the way of adults?

Absolutely not! Our clever design means that when the child seat is not being used, it is stored away within a recess of the lid and held with magnets, leaving a regular adult seat as you would see fitted on any toilet. After potty training has been successfully mastered, there is no need to replace the Family Seat, as it will continue to be suitable for many years.