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“We Have a Very Happy Toddler!”
We recently purchased a Talia Family Seat. We have a special pan and needed some additional assistance with the fitting components. Family Seat responded immediately and helped us out. The seat is now fitted and we have a very happy toddler who isn't worried about falling in the toilet anymore. We highly recommend the product and the after sales excellent service received from Family Seat.

“Looks Like A Quality Toilet seat For Adults, As Well As Little Ones; And It Is!”
Feels really solid and fairly easy to install. Really do follow the clear instructions. Our 3-year-old girl was smitten with the idea that she had her own mini seat. The potty was put away forever two days after I put this in. Immediate success!

“Takes The Fear Out Of Toilet Training”
My son found this seat very easy to get used to. He was pleased to get on and off it all by himself, instead of the wobbles and inconvenience you get with the separate standard 'trainer seats'. The child's seat clicks up onto the adult seat magnetically. It seems a little stiff at first but again, easy to get used to. Importantly, as this seat felt so secure my son had no fear of 'falling into the hole!' - a big thing to overcome.

“Good Buy”
This is the best toilet training seat we have tried. It is so useful to have when a little one is toilet training, as it is both an adult and child seat there is no movement to it and the child gets on and off themselves. This also helps to prevent little accidents from happening too.

“Wonderful Product”
Wonderful product. I bought one two years ago for my downstairs toilet when I first moved into my house to encourage potty training. When my upstairs seat broke I bought another. This seat is strong and sturdy, hence the second purchase. Very pleased with this product.

“Best All In One Toilet Seat For Toilet Training”
Good family seat for your toilet training needs, nice flat design and comfortable too.

“Very Good Toilet Seat”
Very good toilet seat, my son finds it a lot easier to sit on the toilet now with the little seat on it.

“Love It”
Been using this for years now, great for little ones’ toilet training. A must-have when toilet training :)

“Family Seat”
A really great idea. Good quality, money well spent. Would recommend to other families. I am really happy with this product.

“Good Quality Product, Doddle To Fit”
This was excellent, arrived promptly. We've been using it a month now and it is still going strong. The potty is now in the bin and our child uses this instead.

“Well Used!”
With 2 little ones in the house and a host of friends and family around often too, this seat gets a lot of use. Everyone comments on how clever it is with the little seat inside. The magnets hold on to it perfectly. It was easy to fit; it is easy to clean. Great product!

“Really Gave My Daughter Confidence On The Toilet”
This toilet seat is fantastic. My daughter used to have one of the seats that sit on top of a normal toilet seat. This got dirty, had to be stored somewhere when not in use, and was fairly unstable. My daughter would rely on us to lift her onto the seat. Then I bought this one. It is neater, cleaner, easier to use, and most importantly more stable. My daughter now has the confidence to go to the toilet all by herself.

“Does The Trick!”
This works a treat in school for kids who need the additional support but are not singled out as different from the rest as the seat is so discreet.

“Best Out There”
This family loo seat helped with toilet training of my little one. She loves it, as it does not move about when she is getting on and off herself. It is so simple for all to use too.

“What A Great Invention”
What a great invention. No need to plant the potty in the living room or bedroom for our little one to go and having to walk through the house with a potty full of poo poo (which is an accident waiting to happen). She goes in the toilet like mummy and daddy. It’s always ready for us to use and simple enough for the little one to pull her seat down. Love it.

“Would Highly Recommend!”
What an excellent invention. Went to Grand Designs this week and come across this and had to buy it. My daughter is 3 and toilet trained but as she says: 'Mom I am falling down the hole!!' We have had this for a matter of days and she loves it. Easy to fit and a really good quality toilet seat. Would highly recommend!!

“Top Quality Products”
Top quality products and great customer service. The potty training accessories proved especially popular! Would highly recommend.