Potty Training Tools Pack

Potty Training Tools Pack

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Designed with your child in mind, our Potty Training help pack contains everything you need to help your child achieve Potty Training successfully and quickly. Our pack contains a Potty Training Chart, that can be personalised with your child’s name plus an area to attach a photograph, along with a Door Hanger that can also be personalised.

These clever tools help to engage your child and focus them on achievement with simple rewards. They have been designed to maintain the momentum of Potty Training once started to reduce the time taken to achieve full Potty Training.

Clear and easy steps highlighted in the Chart will ensure regular actions are carried out to become a normal practice. The Door Hanger offers an immediate opportunity for verbal praise as your child signals their need to use the potty.

And of course a "Success Certificate" to mark your child’s success and achievement.

The pack is perfect for parents with twins or to use in grandparents home and included is a voucher giving a 10% reduction on the purchase of a Family Seat on our Online Shop. Ideal if you need one for another bathroom or wish to install one at grandparents home to allow continuity when Potty Training or if you just want to send one as gift.

Potty Training Tools Pack Features

✔ All you need for perfect Potty Training
✔ Complete set of Potty Training tools to help your child
✔ Potty Training Chart
✔ Door Hanger
✔ Recognises achievement
✔ Rewards your child’s efforts
✔ Perfect for Families who have twins or more than 1 child in the house.✔ 10% price reduction Voucher for our Online shop is included in the pack to buy a Family Seat for the other Bathroom or great to use at grandparents.
✔ Shortens time taken to Potty Train

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