The Black Friday chaos has come and gone, taking with it many discounts and great deals on all types of products. Yet we are proud to say that our good value comes all year round. That’s because, unlike many retailers, Family Seat is not increasing its prices. Our range is comprised of the highest quality, most reliable products that we would expect for our own children, nieces, nephews and (eventually!) grandchildren. Our price point is highly competitive because we are focused on quality.

Along these lines, we are enjoying a number of happy and healthy collaborations with leading selling partners. These include JoJo Maman Bébe and Kiddicare, Safetots and Replacement Toilet Seats from whom you can purchase the Family Seat. As trusted resellers of the Family Seat for many years, it’s a privilege – and a testament to our impeccable standards – that we have enjoyed such long-established relationships with these brands.

If you’re looking for a gift that is not going to get thrown to the back of the cupboard and add to the clutter, Christmas is a good time to choose something that is practical. Whether that is a gift for your own children, your grandchildren, your nieces or nephews, the Family Seat is a thoughtful choice and a great present to have under the tree on Christmas Day.

People always appreciate when you’ve put time into choosing a gift and the Family Seat shows that you care enough to support the little ones in your family – and their parents and carers – on the way to mastering their milestones.

The Family Seat is durable and the Family Seat is necessary – it’s not a matter of if you need one but when you need one! This is also a good time to buy replacement toilet seats that will really help to aid the potty training process. Every Family Seat comes with a 10-Year Guarantee, so you can rest assured this is a gift that covers all bases.

In addition to our price points, we are offering 15% off every product on the Family Seat website. This offer runs until midnight on Sunday - don’t miss out! Head over to our Facebook page for more details and your unique discount code to take advantage of this fantastic offer!