When to start Potty Training

When to Start Potty Training

There is no set age or time to start Potty Training.

However, it is most important to get things ready and prepared for Potty Training well before hand as this will let your child become familiar and used to them before you start in earnest. 

Fit your Family Toilet Seat and put up the Wall Chart.  The Door Hanger should be easily accessible so that you together with your child hang it on the bathroom door handle as soon as they start to use the seat.  Most importantly of all, talk to them about using the toilet seat, the better they understand and know, the less uncomfortable they will feel when it is time to try.

As a rule of thumb girls are usually ready and take less time to potty train compared to boys, so when to start potty training is best guided by your instincts with your child.

The main points to be aware when deciding when to Start Potty Training:

  • - Children are ready to start potty training from about 18 months old.
  • - Your child will show signs they are aware they are going to the toilet. They may look at you or hide behind chairs or go out of sight when they are going in their nappy.
  • - They let you know they want to go to the toilet; this is a very good sign. Your encouragement to do this is very helpful.
  • - Once you see these behaviours from your child it is time to Start Potty Training


As we have said, each child is different. Don’t be tempted to rush into potty training. Part of deciding when to start potty training, is also deciding if your child is ready to start potty training. 

This is crucial, as once you have started it is most important you don’t give up as this will signal to your child there is an easy option to go back to nappies, which will inevitably lead to the process of successfully potty training taking much longer.