Talia Soft Close Family Toilet Seat Saver Pack

Talia Soft Close Family Toilet Seat Saver Pack

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Talia Soft Close Family Toilet Seat Saver Pack

We all know that bringing up children is costly – to say the least!  So to help a little more, Family Seat has introduced the Family Seat Saver Packs.

These Saver Packs are built on the premise that Potty Training is not an activity that happens in just one place. Continuity is essential for quick and effective Potty Training. This is a 24-hour job therefore being able to use any toilet, not just the one fitted with the Family Seat, removes any distractions, such as having to quickly run to the Potty Training toilet rather than the nearest, as adults do!

The Soft Close Talia Family Toilet Seat is the latest generation Family Seat and an ideal potty training seat for children over 18 months.

Talia Family Toilet Seat Features

✔ Complete Family Toilet Seat with integrated child seat platform
✔ Soft close on all three sections
✔ Easy to fix to your existing toilet
✔ Free delivery within the UK
✔ 10 year guarantee

As the newest addition to the Family Seat product range, the Talia builds upon the success of the original Georgia toilet seat using cutting-edge structural developments designed for your child’s safety and security. Toilet training can be tricky and difficult to know where to begin. The Talia seat has been designed to take away any additional worries or stresses, allowing parent and child to focus on the task at hand!

Manufactured from high-grade Duroplast, the Talia provides an ergonomic, solid construction resulting in a strong, stable seat to give your child confidence during the potty training process. When the child seat is not required, it simply stores within the lid, leaving the larger seat available for other members of the family to use. The child seat on the Talia toilet seat is suitable for use from 18 months old.

Set-up and everyday use

The Talia toilet seat comes complete with a Soft Close action, ensuring the highest quality standards that our customers have come to expect from the Family Seat brand. The seat is extremely easy to fit to both contemporary and traditional toilet pans, with both top and bottom fixing options.

Our unique soft close action and high specification hinges, has been tested to more than 50,000 forced closed cycles (more than any other manufacturer of whom we know). This reflects how Family Seat is dedicated to going above and beyond in the research and design of our products, in order to give our customers toilet seats of the highest order.

Thanks to its material and structure, the Talia toilet seat is extremely easy to clean and requires no storage or additional handling.


✔ Total weight: 3.75 kg
✔ 90% biodegradable

10-year guarantee

Every seat comes with a 10 – Year Guarantee against manufacturing defects as a mark of our confidence in the quality of the Family Seat products.

Potty training help, advice and incentives

Everyone likes to be rewarded for their success and children are no different. That’s why we supply a selection of potty training tools with every Talia seat to help your little ones master the practice and shorten the overall time taken to complete potty training. Our Door Hanger and Potty Training Guide have been carefully designed using a chart-based system that will help to engage your child in the potty training process in a fun, rewarding way.

There is even a Success Certificate available for download on completion of potty training and all our potty training materials can be personalised, adding a little bit of creativity to the process! This will help to remind your child of their success, reward their efforts and encourage them to focus.

Our potty training aids have also been designed to reinforce the importance of good toilet practice and maintain momentum during training.

Data Sheet
Brand Family Seat®
Reference Talia01
Soft Close Yes
Guarantee 10 Years
Weight 3.75KG
Fixing Easy to fix to your existing toilet. Top & Bottom Fix options to fit to contemporary or traditional pans.
Specifications Talia Family Toilet Seat Specifications - Click to download
Fitting Instructions Talia Family Toilet Fitting Instructions - Click to download
Blue Success Certificate These simple yet effective tools help your child to engage in the potty training process. Click to download
Pink Success Certificate These simple yet effective tools help your child to engage in the potty training process. Click to download
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