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The Only Christmas Seat Your Family Will Need

The Christmas bells are already ringing here at Family Seat HQ and with just a few short months to go until the festive season rolls back around, we’re already making plans.

There’s something about having younger children that makes prepping for Christmas months in advance much more attractive – and practical. Just like with milestone learning, preparation is key and super-early prep means less stress and anxiety when Christmas is suddenly around the corner, the extended family are coming to stay and you’re up to your ears in turkey and toddler meltdowns.

Finding Useful Christmas Gifts

Most of us are all too familiar with that pre-Christmas rush where we battle the crowds trying to find the perfect gift for every friend and family member. There’s that feeling where we just wish we’d bought everything a few short weeks earlier when the shops were so much quieter but, as always, we’ve left it too late.

We are firm believers in buying useful, relevant gifts that can be used for years, especially one that supports potty training for the little ones, while having no impact on the rest of the family. We are also keen to avoid the crowds sometimes to have the time to consider our purchase and browse the options without any undue pressure.

New Year, New Habits

Many parents start potty training after Christmas in the spirit of going into a new year with new achievements under our belts. We believe that the Family Seat would make the perfect Christmas present whether it’s for parents, grandparents or close mum/dad friends, all of whom are notoriously tricky to buy for.

This is such a good way to support milestone learning for the toddlers around you and spend your hard-earned cash on something meaningful and useful. This shows people that you have really taken the time to consider giving them a present that they will actually use and one that will support them and their families in their day-to-day lives.

The Grandparent Question

It is also perfect for when grandparents ask what they can buy for grandchildren and you’ve already got it covered. What could be better than helping their grandchildren learn an essential life skill?

By making the Family Seat a present, little ones will associate it as a gift for them. Getting them to open it and telling them what a help this will be having their own Potty Seat can only help to set positive connotations from the outset for a strong beginning to milestone learning.

There’s no need to brace yourself for the festive season shopping rush and get flustered trying to find the perfect gift. Simply click here to buy your Family Seat online, then sit back and relax until it’s time to put up the Christmas tree.


The Family Seat Progress Chart and Door Hanger are a great way to set up a rewards-based system for potty training. Every Family Seat comes complete with these potty-training essentials and a 10-Year Guarantee.

For advice on any aspect of potty training and for any help purchasing a Family Seat, email our team at . Family Seat supports the children’s communication charity I CAN, who are experts in helping children to develop the language, speech and communication skills that they need to thrive in our 21st-century world. We donate 50p to I CAN on each and every seat purchased through the official Family Seat website.


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