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The Benefits of Potty Training in the Summer

We all know that potty training doesn’t go like clockwork and you can’t pick and choose when your child will be ready to start training. However, there are many benefits to potty training during the summer months which we’d like to highlight to help you along with milestone training.

Bottoms Up

When we potty train during the summer, it’s far easier from the outset as our children will be wearing less clothes – or may even be going naked in the back garden without the restriction of a nappy. That means less to take off when going to the loo and helping your child learn how to pull their trousers or skirts off and on. Taking this one step out of the process helps to reduce the risk of accidents and gives a little confidence boost to those more nervous and hesitant toddlers.

The fact that your toddler has less restrictions also means they are more likely to be aware of their need to go, as the risk of accident is far more explicit when there is nothing between their bottoms and the floor. This is a sure-fire way for them to learn what they should and shouldn’t be doing in a quicker, more effective way.

In adult terms, keeping things outside in the warm summer months also means that if or when accidents do take place, the mess will be confined to the garden which is a far easier place to clean up.

Learn by Example

Learning how to use the toilet on their own goes hand in hand with mastering independence. This is why the freedom of summer is such a good time to learn, when your child can toddle around the garden on their own and have more flexibility to roam and discover. During the summer, older siblings will be at home a lot more and the little ones can learn to use the toilet in the most effective way- by example.

Another practical reason why potty training is easier during the summer is that many parents will have more time off work and a consistent stretch in which they can dedicate helping their child to achieve this milestone. Granted, potty training isn’t the most fun way to spend your holidays but making a big effort now will save a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Accidents Happen

If your child is due to start nursery or similar in September, the early summer is the ideal time to start training. This means that they have lots of time to practise before transitioning their new skills over into a fresh environment. It’s also a great goal to work towards although don’t forget not to pressure your child too much – let them take their time to learn properly or it may end up having adverse effects.

Remember, if you’re not quite sure whether your child is ready to train then there’s nothing wrong with doing a very soft trial run to see how it all works out. Put them in a swimsuit or swim shorts and let them play outside, then just see how it goes.


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