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Potty Training 101 - The Essentials

When it comes to milestone training, there is so much information out there about what to do, what not to do and how to do it. Sometimes it’s nice to just get back to basics and have a handy factsheet to help you navigate these often-challenging times. That’s why we would like to introduce you to the Family Seat Potty Training 101 and all the essentials to help you prepare for this milestone.

Bring in the Entertainment

We all know how far a good book or toy can help everyone involved deal with the toddler years, and these accessories come in super-handy when it comes to helping your child in the bathroom. There are a few tips and tricks:

  • Help your child to relax on the loo by singing their favourite song
  • Start reading potty training books when they show their very first signs of wanting to use the “big toilet.” Leave these in the bathroom to encourage positive associations with the experience
  • When the time comes to leave nappies behind and try big boy or girl pants, let your toddler pick them out themselves. Wearing underwear with their favourite TV/film/book character on will add more positive feelings to the process and help them to make the transition.

In fact, learning to read and learning to use the toilet often go hand in hand, which makes that stack of bathroom books all the more valuable!

Encourage Confidence

Independence and confidence go hand in hand, which is why you need to set the scene for positive milestone learning. A wobbly, shaky toilet seat just won’t do, or one that is difficult to climb up to or reach the flush.

The Family Seat Potty Training Tools, supplied with every Family Seat, are an invaluable way to help with your child’s independence. Our door hanger is a great way for your child to independently show you they need to use the toilet coupled with the tick reward chart praises this behaviour and guides them through the whole of potty training in one, with the added incentive of a great Success Certificate at the end of the process.

Try the Talia Family Seat which has been specifically designed with an ergonomic, solid construction for a solid, stable seat to soothe those nerves and let your little one focus on the real task at hand.

You can also add a step stool to your bathroom to help your toddler reach the sink to wash their hands and see exactly what they need to do when they wash their hands. Good hygiene is an essential part of the potty training learning curve – buy a fun liquid soap to make the process even less scary for your little one and encourage their progress.

Champion Healthy Eating

As the old saying goes, “what goes in must come out” and parents will be very aware of this during the potty training process. It’s very important to pay extra close attention to healthy eating habits during this time to minimise the risk of your child suffering from constipation.

This is one of the most common potty training barriers as it causes a lot of stress for your toddler and can lead them to become reluctant or even fearful to use the toilet again. Avoid sugary, processed foods and give your child a fibre-rich diet with lots of fruit, veg and wholegrain. You should also make sure they drink plenty of water throughout the day.

We hope you have found this cheat sheet useful and our team is always available to answer any potty training related queries. For advice on any aspect of potty training and for any help purchasing a Family Seat, email our team at .

Family Seat supports the children’s communication charity I CAN, who are experts in helping children to develop the language, speech and communication skills that they need to thrive in our 21st-century world.  We donate 50p to I CAN on each and every seat purchased through the official Family Seat website.

For more useful potty training tips and advice, stay in touch with Family Seat on Twitter.

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