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Making Potty Training Fun with Family Seat

This summer, we had the pleasure of e-meeting the lovely Laura, who runs the “Mama, Eden & Me” Twitter account. After we discovered her frustrations with potty training her toddler, we sent over a Talia Family Seat to see if it would help Eden along in her milestone training.

It’s always wonderful to see our Family Seat in action and hear from families who are using the seat for their little ones. You can click here to see the original post or read the full review right here! Don’t forget to comment below with your own stories about using the Family Seat in your own home…

“We’ve been potty training with Eden for what seems like forever. We’ve been following her lead and trying to let her do it in her own time, but isn’t it frustrating? One of the things that have annoyed me most is the kerfuffle with having to put her little seat on the loo every time she needs to go and having to do it before she pees on the floor.

You know how toddlers go from “I’m fine” to “I need to pee RIGHT NOW” in seconds? There’s no time for faffing, so when Family Seat offered to send us over their “Talia” model, I said yes pretty quickly!

For those not familiar with the Family Seat, it consists of a toilet seat that incorporates both an adult seat and a child seat, meaning no extra seats are needing. No faffing around looking for an extra attachment, no securing anything, just fold down the child seat and off you go. Helpfully, it also comes with a ten year guarantee and some helpful potty training tips and tricks.

Eden was so excited about her new seat that she bugged Amy none stop until she installed it! Installation was simple and we were soon ready to go. Recently, Eden has decided that the potty was just for babies and that she needed to use the “big girl potty”, which meant a mad dash upstairs whenever she said, “I need to go potty”.

Family Seat meant that from the word go, we were able to save time by just being able to fold down her seat over the top of the adult one so she could do her business without falling in…

In the box, you also get a reward chart and a door hanger, which I have found have really encouraged Eden to take ownership of her toilet training adventure. I really love that the reward chart includes “asking to go potty” and “washing hands” as well.

It becomes a whole check list that we go through with her afterwards and she loves ticking off the boxes. She got her first full chart today, so she got a little bag of M&Ms to celebrate.

Are we fully trained yet? No. She is 100% dry when she’s naked but put pants on her and she pees in them… so I think the plan is to buy boxer shorts so that it feels like she’s still not wearing anything and see how we go from there. Family Seat has definitely made it easier, though, and I would recommend it to any parent because when it comes to potty training, every second counts!

Family Seat is available from and comes in two different models. The “Talia” retails at £39.95 and had a soft close feature, and the “Georgia” retails at £24.95. Both models come with a ten year guarantee and the potty training materials that I mentioned above.”

Disclaimer; Mama, Eden and Me were sent the Family Seat in return for an honest review. All opinions are their own and uninfluenced by any incentive.


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