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Make Potty Training your Toddler your New Year's Resolution

As clichéd as it might sound, we believe that January is the ideal time to create new beginnings. We like to take our time choosing our resolutions instead of rushing into making a whole host of promises to ourselves on January 1st only to find our willpower fade within a few short days.

To all parents of toddlers, we would like to suggest making potty training your new year’s resolution. This is a realistic and positive goal to work towards throughout the first few months of the spring.

While many parents choose to wait until the summer months to train, we believe it's best to master this milestone at the start of the year. That’s assuming your child is ready – if you’re not sure how to recognise the signs of readiness, click here to check out our blog post on the topic.

Potty Training Preparation

It’s important to be honest from the outset with both yourself and your child by setting the situation up for success. If, for example, you know that your child regularly has a bowel movement in the late morning, don’t try and encourage early morning toilet trips just because it is more convenient for your schedule.

You must also be sure not to let your anxiety or trepidation regarding the milestone become apparent to your toddler. Learning to use the toilet requires self-control, independence and confidence – you need to act as the starting point for all of these qualities to help your child adopt them.

Equally, don’t beat yourself up if you are feeling nervous about potty training. There is often a lot of pressure from in-laws or fellow parents who are keen to pass comment on every part of your milestone training.

Ignore any advice that you feel is unhelpful and be confident in your own training methods. You know your child best and it is this insight that will guide the process.

Potty Training Essentials

However, there are some potty-training essentials that will help every parent on the road to success. Do the groundwork and make all the necessary preparations before starting the process. Let your child choose their own big boy/big girl underwear and buy a selection of potty training books to read together in the bathroom.

This will make the process more attractive to your child and also encourage focus and patience – essential skills for successful potty training.

Be consistent in your approach, use rewards and not bribery, and don’t make a huge fuss when accidents happen – because accidents will always happen!

Finally, we strongly suggest working on daytime potty training first. Once your child has mastered this skill you can move onto staying dry at night-time, which is often a little more complicated and may take longer to achieve.  

The Family Seat Progress Chart and Door Hanger are a great way to set up a rewards-based system for potty training. Every Family Seat comes complete with these potty-training essentials and a 10-Year Guarantee. Click here to browse our range.

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