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Alternatives to Trick or Treating

With Halloween coming up at the end of the month, many parents will already be planning their celebrations. While it might be a much-loved tradition by some, trick or treating has gained a bit of a bad name in recent years.

Some parents see it as harmless fun but others are concerned with the safety aspect as well as whether it might look a bit greedy or be seen as bad manners and intrusive. It’s a personal choice and we can see the argument on both sides, but if you would like to celebrate a different way this Halloween, here are some ideas.

A Treasure Hunt

Kids may feel like they’re missing out on the copious amounts of sweets and chocolate handed out when you go door-to-door, so why not satisfy their sweet tooth with a Halloween-themed treasure hunt at home? It will keep them occupied for hours and you can tailor it to children of all ages – you can also stretch the hunt out to the garden to enhance the spooky aspect although.

Plus, it’s a good way to control the number of sweet treats that they consume and avoid upset tummies the next day. Please do be careful with younger children and those of a particularly nervous disposition.

Host a Party

Halloween is a great opportunity to get your kids together with their friends and play some spooky games in the comfort of your own home. Have them dress up as their favourite spooky character and hang up themed piñatas to really get things going.

Sit the kids down in a circle and play pass-it-on ghost story or pass the pumpkin (just like pass the parcel). For really little ones with a short attention span, you can set up a pumpkin hunt around the house and garden. Stock up hollowed out pumpkins with sweets and give the kids small bags to fill up.

Little ones will also love the Monster Freeze dance where they dance to Halloween-themed tunes and have to stop as soon as the music does. The slowest child to freeze is eliminated and the last monster standing is crowned winner

Have a Family Night

If you’d rather keep things low key, then switch off all the lights and snuggle up with the family to watch Halloween-themed films by candlelight. Casper or Ghostbusters are great child-friendly films and you can bake and ice some Halloween biscuits together beforehand to snack on during the film night.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate this Halloween, we always advise keeping the amount of junk food in check. If your little one does consume too much, be mindful that this may impact potty training for a day or two as tummies adjust back to regular meals.


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