The very idea of milestones is enough to bring many parents out in a cold sweat. There is so much information online about how to approach milestones, when is the best time to start and all the things that could possibly go wrong. There also seem to be many people/fellow parents/teachers/in-laws telling us what to do and how to do it.

It can be overwhelming and take all the pleasure out of what should be fun stages of learning and development.

That’s why our team at Family Seat prefer to take a positive approach to milestones. These are stages of your child’s life that will only happen once. Milestones don’t need to be stressful and your child’s development may well be hampered by unnecessary worry and hassle.

That’s not to say it’s easy to always keep a cool head and positive attitude. Here’s how we recommend taking the stress out of toddler milestones…

Think about Creating Stories and Memories

How many times did your parents embarrass you as a teenager by telling ‘cute’ stories about your childhood in front of your friends? Mum and dad will always remember every detail, however insignificant, because that is what being a parent is all about.

These milestones are a wonderful way for you to use the chance to bond with your child. Supporting them and encouraging them on their way is key to helping them master each milestone. It also means both you and your child will look back on the experience as a positive one.

How to Encourage your Child to Enhance Their Natural Learning Curve

When it comes to the question of how you know your child is ready to tackle a milestone, there is no right answer. With potty training, there are a number of signs you can look for which we covered in a previous blog post. But – as with every other milestone – you will learn to know when your child is ready. Instead of worrying about when to start, embrace their natural learning curve and just go with it.

Starting a milestone too early will cause setbacks and starting too late could lead to problems. Just keep your eyes on your child’s behaviour, don’t sweat it and it should all work out fine. And when they do begin the milestone process, encourage them at every step.

Choose the Right Products

This example of how to de-stress the milestone situation comes courtesy of a real life example. Our Family Seat team loves to interact with other members of the parenting community and industry, both online and in person. We’ve learnt a lot from our contact base and there’s no better feeling when we offer some salient parenting and potty training advice to parents and carers. The Geeky Mama is one such contact that we are happy to have made.

This stay at home mum lives in Arizona, in a house with one bathroom and three men. That’s one adult and two children aged five and two. We couldn’t think of a better candidate for the Family Seat and were thrilled when Ashley wanted to try the Talia Soft Close Seat. You can read the full review here but our highlights give a great example of positive milestone practise.

You see, Ashley was initially very nervous about potty training her second child. She even said the idea was “haunting” her. Her experience with the Family Seat is the perfect example of how simple solutions that tick the boxes will make milestones less stressful.

Ashley had not seen any product like the Family Seat in her native US and was thrilled to try it out. She praised the easy installation and instructions - it’s all about the easy process! Ashley also explained that her son “is notorious at letting the toilet seat fall down with force.” We’re sure those of you with young sons can empathise! Thanks to the Soft Close function on the Family Seat, Ashley enjoyed, as well as how quiet the seat is when it is put down thanks to the soft close function.

Ashley also loved the “adorable” potty training chart and hanger that comes with the seat and she hit upon one of our core values – dedication. “I knew instantly that this company was very dedicated into making sure that you had the best resources possible to make the transition from diaper to potty a breeze!”

Take Advantage of the Support Available

There are so many wonderful companies and products that will support you and your child at each milestone. Family Seat are proud to be at the forefront of the potty training industry and skilled in all things toddler-related. That’s how we know to create a product that makes life easier and supports learning and development.

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