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Potty-Training Friendly Halloween Costumes

Whether you have older children who want to take part in the trick-or-treating festivities or you just don’t want your toddler to miss out on the Halloween hi-jinks, dressing up on 31st October is all part of the fun of being a parent.

What is not so enjoyable is dressing your potty training kids up in the most fabulous costumes only for them to have an accident or signal the need to use the toilet and not be able to take off their costume in time. The panic and frustration involved can knock their confidence and even lead to setbacks.

That’s why we’ve done our research to find Halloween costumes for your potty training tot that are still lots of fun but won’t create problems in the training department.

Mummy and Me

One of our favourites comes from Illumibowl who suggest dressing your child as a toilet paper mummy. This is super-easy and great if you’re on a budget too. Dress your tot head to toe in black – think a long sleeved top for warmth and a ski cap for extra Halloween scary points. Then use some easy slip-on/off black leggings or tracksuit trousers and slip on black shoes – we suggest shoes without laces or buttons for ease, Velcro is a great option.

You can then wrap your little one head to toe in toilet roll to get the mummy effect – keep things stuck on around ‘problem areas’ like knees and elbows with sturdy black tape. If nature calls, simply whip down their trousers/leggings and you’re good to go. Keep another toilet roll handy to patch up the costume if needed – and to use when nature calls!

Avoid Props

It’s best to avoid costumes with ‘props’ as your little one should have both their hands free to make sudden toilet urges far easier to deal with. It’s also advisable to avoid all-in-one style costumes as these are tricky to take off in a hurry.

We would suggest asking him/her what they want to be when they grow up and using these ideas for a costume – think firefighter, nurse, astronaut, policeman or woman. For the more adventurous career boys and girls, a pirate, princess or cowboy all make great costumes that are easy to adapt to potty training.

All of these outfits are super-easy to make and you can incorporate pull-up trousers or a skirt with leggings. Make a scary twist by adding a fun hat or accessories. Using lots of face paint is another good way to amp up the costume without creating any barriers to potty training.

Go Classic

The most classic Halloween costumes also happen to be very potty-training friendly. A tutu and leggings combo or a long black dress will complete a witch outfit, a cat outfit can be created with black leggings and some very creative face painting. Create a scarecrow with pull up jeans or a pirate with some big, baggy trousers. And don’t forget to keep another pair of leggings, trousers or a skirt handy to keep the fun going in case of accidents.

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