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The Family Seat Christmas Gift Guide for 2019

William Morris once said to “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” We think this is the perfect motto to inspire Christmas shopping this year and we have taken this as a starting point to put together the Family Seat Christmas Gift Guide for 2019.

After all, if we don’t gain pleasure from the beauty of an item or find it useful in our day-to-day lives, it is simply taking up space for no reason.

Christmas is a time of excitement for little ones. There is so much going on, and so many presents and experiences that they can get overwhelmed by it all.

It is good to remember that the best gifts are the ones with thought behind them. It is also useful to talk to each other to try and ensure gifts are chosen, sent and received to offer as much benefit as possible.

For parents, grandparents and carers, a Family Seat product may well be that practical and useful gift for any family about to undergo potty training. The addition of a Family Seat product to the home is essential to help toddlers achieve successful potty training as soon as possible. If they are spending a lot of time at grandparents, the addition of a Family Seat product at their home too will add a sense of consistency and familiarity for your child.

The Family Seat range has all options covered; whether it is our Talia Soft Close with easy Lift-Off function or our Georgia original all-in-one adult and child toilet seat. We have also added a range of Multi-Buy options, making it easier and more cost-effective to invest in additional seats, such as those for grandparents and carer’s homes. This means you can always find the right seat and combination at Family Seat that will help young families into the New Year.

Finally, we have often talked about distraction methods while your child is using a Family Seat to ensure they are happy and comfortable learning this new skill. Reading can be a useful tool in this area. So, in conjunction with the Family Seat, perhaps you might like to look at the Early Talkers Box set from our supported charity ICAN.

Creating Little Chatterboxes

There’s never any question of little ones running out of soft toys, but books are something that most parents can’t get enough of. While you’re reading your chosen book, remember to settle your little ones into good habits early on with the Early Talkers Boxset from children’s communication charity ICAN. These fantastic activity cards help parents and carers to support children's communication from six months old up to five years. 

As the winner of the 2017 Early Years Excellence prize for communication, language and literacy resources, this unique Christmas gift comes from a leading charity who are experts in helping children to develop the language, speech and communication skills that they need to thrive in our 21st-century world.

Did you know that Family Seat donates 50p to I CAN on every seat purchased through the official Family Seat website? 

The Family Seat Progress Chart and Door Hanger are a great way to set up a rewards-based system for potty training. Every Family Seat comes complete with these potty-training essentials as well as a 10-Year Guarantee. We have also created a comprehensive potty training guide that is free to access through our website, click here to read the guide including a range of expert tips and answers to common potty-training problems.


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